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Friday, February fourteenth, the   UN says at least 22 people have been killed in a village in the Northwest region of Cameroon. Over half of those killed were children. No one has claimed responsibility for Friday’s incident but the opposition parties blame the killing on the government.

EgyptAir: How can a plane be hijacked in the 21st century?

Somewhere in the world, almost every day, a foolish, drunk or angry passenger will claim to have a weapon on board a plane. In many cases she or (usually) he will not be believed, and can be expected a welcoming committee of police upon arrival. If there is a degree of plausibility, then the captain may decide to divert to the nearest airport - normally with the same result, but rather more disruption.

Madness grips foreigners on the streets of Jerusalem

Israel is used to foreign visitors suffering psychotic delusions that they are figures from the Bible or harbingers of the End of Times An Irish schoolteacher who came to a Jerusalem hospital convinced she was about to give birth to the Baby Jesus when in fact she was not even pregnant. 

Man arrested for duping local cocoa farmers of 500,000 xaf

Mpounga Ngamouna Thierry is accused of selling a fake cocoa treatment product to farmers. Mpounga Ngamouna Thierry, 28, a teacher with a private secondary school in Nkolbisson, Yaounde, was on March 17, 2016, arrested by gendarmes in Mbankomo, about 25 km from the capital city. Acting on tip-off from gendarmes in Bokito in Mbam and Inoubou Division of the Centre Region,  Mpounga was arrested when he came to cash money sent from Bokito at a local money transfer office. 

Demonic symbol spotted in a rip steak

Is this "evil" steak the work of Satan himself? That's the consensus the Internet has come to recently after a photo of what appears to be an image of the devil within a rib cut hit the web with a vengeance. The snapshot began trending after a media outlet in Mexico uploaded the photo to its Facebook account late Wednesday afternoon.

Witchdoctors and soothsayers promote promiscuity in Malawi

Fooled by witchdoctors and soothsayers that the easiest way to attain wealth is through incest and defilement, some men in Malawi are learning their lessons the hard way. A 36-year-old man from Lilongwe, the capital of Malawi, is one of the men who is now in custody on incest charges, said Lilongwe police.  Police spokesperson said the superstitious man had been netted for allegedly having sex with his 17-year-old daughter.

Man behaves like "dog" in T.B Joshua's church

A weird video uploaded on TB Joshua’s official YouTube shows a man identified as Alexander Johnson transforming into a ‘dog’ during a deliverance session at the TB Joshua’s church in Lagos. At a point in the video, the man acting in a very bizarre manner began to eat his shoe.

Liberated Boko Haram Hostages Recount Their stories

Cameroonian and Nigerian military forces have freed hundreds of Boko Haram captives, including dozens of teenage girls and women who were forced into marrying militants or held as sex slaves. Cameroonian soldiers returned home this week after carrying out raids in Achigachia and Goshe, towns which straddle the the Nigeria-Cameroon border. Along with Nigerian troops, they were able to free hundreds of hostages from Boko Haram captivity.

31 girls arrested for "immoral acts" in Kano state

  Kano State Hisbah Board The Kano State Hisbah Board said it arrested 31 young girls for alleged involvement in immoral acts. Sani Tanko, the Public Relations Officer of the board, told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Kano on Friday that the suspects were apprehended in a hotel during a special operation at Sabon Gari area in Kano metropolis.

William Shakespeare's skull missing in his grave

Shakespeare's skull is likely missing from his grave, an archaeologist has concluded, confirming rumors which have swirled for years about grave-robbers and adding to the mystery surrounding the Bard's remains. Four hundred years after his death and burial at the Church of the Holy Trinity in Stratford-upon-Avon, central England, researchers were allowed to scan the grave of England's greatest playwright with ground-penetrating radar. But in the area under the church floor where the Bard's skull was expected to be, they found signs of interference.

Somali woman behind the wheel of a truck

In Somalia, driving a truck is considered to be a man's job, but one woman from a village near Borama close to the border with Djibouti and Ethiopia, is not interested in what's traditional. Cadar Muumin took up truck driving when she felt the male drivers she employed treated her as inferior. She takes no nonsense from people who abuse her on the road, and she performs a vital service for everyone in her village.

Cameroonian arrested over "black dollar" fraud in India

A Cameroonian and a Congolese have been arrested for cheating several Delhi-based businessmen of crores posing as business delegates during the India-Africa summit. They had promised to invest one million dollars into their businesses. The incident came to the fore when a businessman, Aditya Bondwal, told the police he was cheated of Rs 80 lakh    (Rs 1 LAKH is equivalent to 100 000 Indian rupees approximately 1,497 USD )   lakh by a Cameroonian and a Congolese on the pretext of investing in a business to produce earthmoving equipment. The police revealed that the accused, Kamleu Nya Alain (42) and Mwanza Nawej Yesh (42), had introduced themselves as confidantes of the president of Cameroon and had come to India for business opportunities. Bondwal said that they told him that their bank accounts had been frozen when the president was jailed. As a result they needed some means to bring in the money to India. The accused had claimed that they would bring dollar bills dipp

Cameroonian woman commits suicide in Lebanon

Bloody days in the Cameroonian community as another woman loses her life in a dramatic way. A woman from Cameroon committed suicide yesterday in Lebanon by jumping off a high building. The motive behind the desperate act is supposedly infidelity by her male partner who tried to pull her back up without success until she fell down the building after slipping off his hands…

Civil society in Cameroon plans to register 15 million voters

The platform of Civic Coalition of Cameroon (Coacic) leading a fight against abusers of public assets, wants a change of regime in Cameroon.    To do this, she is determined to make every effort to oust Paul Biya at the end of the next presidential election, regardless of whether or not it is early. Meeting in special session this Wednesday, March 16, 2016 at Douala, the members of this coalition first condemned the approach of the members of the democratic of the Cameroonian people (CPDM), consisting of gathering not only to call Paul Biya to stand in the next presidential election but also to ask the anticipation of elections.   "Even though we knew the Coacic that the presidential elections should happen in October 2018, we realize that little by little, it is moving towards a possible anticipation of elections. All its members have come together today to say that this is unacceptable", said Bruno Deffo, the Coordinator of this organization. It is also a

Cameroonian scammer arrested in Montreal (canada

The Sûreté du Québec announced Wednesday the arrest of an alleged fraudster specialist of a scenario called "Black money scam", in which victims are invited to participate in the cleaning of soiled banknotes, then are robbed during the operation. Cyrille Ngogang, 49 years old, was caught red-handed in downtown Montreal Tuesday afternoon. He appeared in court this morning to be charged with fraud and breach of commitment. The man is not in his first trouble with the law: he was previously arrested by the SQ on 19 January for charges related to the same scheme, and had been able to resume its freedom under strict conditions pending his trial. There are several variants of the 'Black money' scenario, but all involve a so-called batch of cash that has been stained with a dye or colouring substance. Scammers ask their victim to provide money to clean the hoard.