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Friday, February fourteenth, theUN says at least 22 people have been killed in a village in the Northwest region of Cameroon. Over half of those killed were children. No one has claimed responsibility for Friday’s incident but the opposition parties blame the killing on the government.

Senator Nfon V.E Mukete goes for silence

By Kowac K. K. Bandolo

Silence is generally described as golden but silence in the face of a crisis is seen as siding with the oppressor according to Late South African President, Nelson Mandela.
The present state of things wrecking the basic foundation of the Cameroonian state and questioning the future of the English sub-system of education is quite demanding that reunification icons and senior citizens in the likes of Senator Nfon V.E Mukete should be silent.
After surviving rumours of his resignation as a member of the senate that has come to pass and other founded and unfounded accusations on his person and office, the venerated traditional ruler of the Bafaws, farmer and politician has opted for silence contrary to the expectations of his admirers.

Most recently, the senior statesman received New Year, 2017, gifts and wishes from his auxiliaries in the city of Kumba described as ‘quarter heads’ or ‘Nkumes’.
There, the member of the Cameroon pioneer senate, decided to hold the re…

Chinese hospital for traditional medicine receives about 15,000 patients daily

Traditional Chinese Medicine, TCM, has over the years grown in popularity in China and abroad. This treatment method is so popular that the Outpatient Department of the Jiangsu Provincial Hospital for Traditional Chinese Medicine receives about 15,000 people a day and 240,000 a year. Located in Nanjing, the Jiangsu provincial headquarters in south-eastern China, the whole hospital in 2016 received over 4 million patients.
According to Dr Helen Fu, who serves with the department, Traditional Chinese Medicine treats amongst others problems with the artery, stiff neck, numbness, indigestion, hernia, stroke, stomach upsets, internal and complicated heart diseases. Dr Sun is Head of the TCM Department of the Jiangsu Provincial Hospital for Traditional Chinese Medicine. The hospital is affiliated to the Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine. Dr Sun explains that to become a TCM Medical Doctor (General Practitioner), students undergo a five-course, followed by three years of industrial attac…

Meningitis kills about 140 in Nigeria

An outbreak of meningitis in several states of Nigeria has killed at least 140 people, officials say.

It has been reported over the last week in six states and has so far infected more than 1,000 people, the Abuja Centre for Disease Control says.
Meningitis causes an acute inflammation of the outer layers of the brain and spinal cord.
The current outbreak is the worst in Nigeria since 2009 when it killed at least 156 people.
The disease is spreading amidst fears it could be out of control if refugee camps, prisons and police cells become affected through crowds, the BBC's Chris Ewokor in Abuja says.
Vaccination is an effective way of preventing against meningitis.
However, a new strain, which may have been imported from a neighbouring country is now prevalent in Nigeria and requires a different type of vaccine, Nigerian Minister of Health Isaac Adewole said.
The seasonal outbreak has been attributed to cold nights, dusty winds and dry weather, which were aggravated by traditional beliefs…

Ghanaian movie star caught with State car

Ghanaian National Security operatives have caught popular movie actor John Dumelo with a vehicle belonging to the state and retrieved it from a spraying shop.

Dumelo was allegedly attempting to conceal the identity of the black V8 Toyota Land Cruiser with registration GE 8118 –16 when the operatives pounced on it at a garage at Abelemkpe in Accra where it had purportedly been sent for re-spraying.
The vehicle, with chassis number JTMHVOJ2F4159829, 2015 model with full option, has been parked at the Office of the President Annex for almost one month.
When the operatives invited him to the garage, he reportedly panicked and shook like rain-beaten chick, before surrendering the expensive vehicle without any protest.
The operatives, upon a tip-off, swooped on the garage a couple of weeks ago and got hold of the auto mechanic who told them that the vehicle belonged to John Dumelo.
He was then telephoned to come to the garage and upon arrival, he’s reported to have first said that he bought the …

London attacker's wife 'saddened and shocked'

Published by Fox News
LONDON –  The wife of the man who killed four people outside Britain's Parliament last week condemned the attack, saying she is "saddened and shocked."

In statement released through London police on Tuesday, Khalid Masood's wife, Rohey Hydara, also said "I express my condolences to the families of the victims that have died, and wish a speedy recovery to all the injured."

She added: "I would like to request privacy for our family, especially the children, at this difficult time."

Police believe Masood — a 52-year-old Briton with convictions for violence who had spent several years in Saudi Arabia — acted alone in Wednesday's knife and car attack. But they are trying to determine whether others helped inspire or direct his actions.

Masood was killed by police after fatally stabbing an officer.

President Paul Biya and Chantal Biya with Pope Francis

The first lady Cameroon, Chantal Biya covers her hair during her meeting with Pope Francis.

Nigerian Runs World Fastest 2017 Time in 100 Metres Hurdles


Neighbours barge into home of Nigerian students In Noida, thinking they ate a young boy

WhatsApp must not be 'place for terrorists to hide'


Former Cameroon Captain Rigobert Song expected home soon

After spending several months in a hospital in France, former Cameroon international Rigobert Song is expected to be discharged on Saturday 1st April.

The Cameroonian and African legend is expected to touch down on Saturday evening at the Yaounde International Airport.
The two time AFCON winning skipper was admitted at the La Pitie Salpertriere Hospital in Paris, France, after falling unconscious in what doctors at the hospital termed as a stroke in October last year.
But following strenuous and relentless efforts by the doctors at the hospital, the legend is reported to be responding to treatment and will return home later this week.
The former West Ham and Liverpool defender played 137 times for his country and won the AFCON with the Indomitable Lions.
Before his sickness, he was working as a coach for Cameroon’s football federation following his departure as Chad coach.

Real Madrid prepares swap deal for Manchester United star

Teddy Cutler,Newsweek

Manchester United could be preparing itself for another summer of interest in goalkeeper David De Gea, according to reports.

United has fended off Real Madrid’s pursuit of the Spain international for two summers running. In the final hours of the 2015 summer transfer window, only delays in paperwork prevented a deal for De Gea going through.
Now Don Balon, the Spanish football website, claims a deal could finally go through if José Mourinho is willing to accept a swap deal for De Gea.
sco and James Rodriguez have been offered to United, according to the report. But Mourinho wants one of Madrid’s top stars in return, one of Karim Benzema, Toni Kroos, Casemiro, Raphael Varane or Luka Modric.
Any of those players would soften the negative image United might garner amongst its fans by selling De Gea. If Madrid is unwilling to part with them, then with no release clause (as reported by The Times in February), United would likely demand a transfer fee befitting one of the …

Cameroon gives mandate for mobile commodity exchange

UWIN Corp, a company founded by MIT Media Lab entrepreneur in residence and former Wells Fargo technologist Julius Akinyemi, has been given a mandate by the Cameroon government to implement a mobile based commodity exchange.
The MoComEx project, which will eventually enable rural primary producers to access market prices for their goods, as well as trade in futures contracts, has already been piloted in Senegal.

Speaking at the FintechStage Inclusion Forum in Jakarta, Akinyemi explained the three main components of the project’s aims. First, it aims to encourage African citizens to register their productive assets such as land to free up this dormant capital and make it possible to leverage for further financial purposes - something that is taken for granted in developed nations.

“But there is a valid concern among many Africans that if assets are documented it will lead to taxes,” he says. “So we have to make the situation win-win, so even if primary producers are taxed more, they wo…

President Paul Biya and wife visit pope

Paul Biya, a Catholic and the president of Cameroon for almost 35 years, visited Pope Francis at the Vatican for the second time. 

According to a Vatican statement, they spoke of "the importance of promoting national cohesion, enhancing the richness of the various historic and cultural traditions of the country, with respect for human and minority rights.”
The president was accompanied by his elegant wife Chantal, who greeted the Pope in Italian.
"Good morning".
"Good morning, madam, it's a pleasure to meet you."
To serve as a remembrance of the meeting, Paul Biya gave him this sculpture of an elderly Cameroonian.
"The memory of the elders".
"The memory of the elders is the wisdom of a country."
The Pope also gave him a sculpture that symbolized peace.
"I wish for Cameroon to continue walking on the path of peace."
"Thank you, dear Holy Father. Peace is our goal."
The First Lady was very moved during the meeting, and the pope s…

(rfi) Cameroon: Additional suspects added in terrorism case against Anglophone activists

The state prosecutor in Cameroon asked a military tribunal in Yaoundé on Thursday to add a number of extra people to a terrorism case involving three Anglophone activists, a lawyer has told RFI. Human rights lawyer Felix Agbor Balla, university lecturer Fontem Neba and radio host Mancho Bibixy have pleaded not guilty to terrorism. They were involved in organising protests in Cameroon’s Anglophone regions over perceived marginalisation by the Francophone government.

The prosecutor requested that the court add “about 25 people” to the case against the three activists, according to lawyer Evaristus Morfaw. The so-called Joinder of Parties process involves adding extra defendants to a case after a complaint has been filed.
“The defence counsel objected to it - the parties were not the same, the dates of commission of the offences were not the same - some of these people were arrested when the others were already charged and arraigned before the court and they took their plea,” said Morfaw. …

Girl sold ovum to clinic in Douala

On March 23 2017, it was reported over a Cameroonian radio, Equinox that a girl in her mid-twenties sold her ovum to a local clinic in the city of Douala for 250,000FCFA.

A surgical operation was carried out to retrieve this organ from the girl. Two weeks later, she developed some complications in her abdomen..

The clinic opted to treat her without any charges. According to a representative of the clinic, ovum transaction is a legal.

But the clinic has been sued for human body parts trafficking by the girl’s parent. Her parent asked the clinic to reinstate the girl’s ovum.

Nigerian girls lose their lives to child marriage