Friday, February fourteenth, the   UN says at least 22 people have been killed in a village in the Northwest region of Cameroon. Over half of those killed were children. No one has claimed responsibility for Friday’s incident but the opposition parties blame the killing on the government.

Some Hard Facts About Southern Cameroon Marginalization

Higher Teacher Training Clollege, Bamemda
1. Two *Higher Teachers Training Colleges* existed; Bamenda for Southern Cameroon and Yaoundé for French Cameroon. Surprisingly, Yaounde became Higher and Bamenda, an Annex. Today out of every 100 student teachers admitted in Bamenda, 80 are from French Cameroon. Tell me, who are they going to teach?

2. There was the *School of Post and Telecommunications* in Buea for English Cameroon and Yaounde for French. Suddenly, Buea became annexe and Yaoundé higher. Today, 162 students are present in Buea, all of them Francophones. The language of study is French, and all lecturers are Francophones.

3. The *School of Public Works* in Buea illustrates the same domination. In a population of close to 200, only 27 are from the North West and South West Regions combined.

4. In the *University of Buea*, many lecturers are teaching in French.

5. In the *School of Translators and Interpreters*, only 7 anglophones are there.

6. In the *Police Academy,* out of a population of 400, including administrators, only 22 are anglophones. I supervised the distribution of metizan and yellow fever there. I had the official list of all present.

7. In the *Regional Delegations for Health* in the two marginalised Regions, outside the Delegate and the NTCP coordinator, any other person sitting in a Program with a huge budget is a Francophone.

8. *Every District Medical Officer outside Limbe is a Francophone.* All the district medical Administrators from *ENAM* in the SW are francophones. Where are we? Ah, we did not go to school, right?

Ladies and gentlemen, whether we like it or not, whether we stand for Ambazonia or not, the Balkanisation process of this entity is on its way. Rather than trying to refuse the bitter realities, we should seek a peaceful method to achieve this. By refusing to accept the realities, we only plant the seed for a violent revolution. And in a violent revolution, there is only one winner, the White Race.

In Canada, a Bamileke guy pulled Quebec and gave her the autonomy she has today. It was peaceful and made headlines world over. We can do it here. Refusing bitter truths that are visible and tangible only provoke violence.

*My heart bleeds! I am shivering! How did we get here? How did we allow ourselves to be cowardly treated to this extent? The answer is simple. The Atanga Nji's stood by, knowing, seeing yet refusing it. There is no fear anymore. You either live and die with a great legacy than going to your grave with regrets.*

_*By Atabong Felix*_


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