Friday, February fourteenth, the   UN says at least 22 people have been killed in a village in the Northwest region of Cameroon. Over half of those killed were children. No one has claimed responsibility for Friday’s incident but the opposition parties blame the killing on the government.

Over 100 tons of fraudulently imported sugar seized in Yaounde, Cameroon

On the 27 and 28 April 2016, the regional fraud control squad of the regional delegation of the Ministry of Commerce for the Central Region proceeded with the seizure of two loads of sugar imported fraudulently, totaling a volume of 110 tons, we learn from good sources. These shipments were found on Cameroonian territory, while sugar imports have been banned "until further notice".

This ban followed problems of the Cameroon Sugar Company, whose production is sold with difficulty on the local market since the end of 2013, because of massive imports formerly authorized by the government, on the one hand, and the invasion of the market by contraband products, on the other hand.

According to officials in the Ministry of Commerce, the goods seized last week are from a lightening raid aimed at preventing the commercialization of 500,000 tons of sugar which have been fraudulently imported by shady operators.


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