Friday, February fourteenth, the   UN says at least 22 people have been killed in a village in the Northwest region of Cameroon. Over half of those killed were children. No one has claimed responsibility for Friday’s incident but the opposition parties blame the killing on the government.

More than 49,000 Tuberculosis cases in Cameroon

Cameroonians joined their peers in the world on March 24, 2016, to commemorate World Tuberculosis Day on the theme, "Unite To End Tuberculosis."

 The day is meant to raise public awareness on the fact that tuberculosis remains an epidemic in most parts of the world, causing the deaths of nearly one and a half million people each year, mostly in developing countries. 

Cameroon is among the countries highly affected by tuberculosis in Sub-Saharan Africa. World Health Organisation statistics estimate that there are about 50,000 cases in Cameroon.

 Statistics show that 26,000 of the number are diagnosed. Co-infection TB-HIV concerns 36 per cent of the patients. All patients have been receiving free anti-tuberculosis treatment since 2014. Experts say the high death rate from tuberculosis is attributable to co-infections.


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