Friday, February fourteenth, the   UN says at least 22 people have been killed in a village in the Northwest region of Cameroon. Over half of those killed were children. No one has claimed responsibility for Friday’s incident but the opposition parties blame the killing on the government.

CAMTEL, MTN and ORANGE owe government 176 bn CFA

The National Anti-Corruption Commission (CONAC) report issued on Tuesday reveals that Cameroon mobile operators - Cameroon Telecommunications (CAMTEL), French giants Orange and South Africa's Mobile Telecommunication Networks (MTN) - owe the Cameroon government 176 billion FCFA in unpaid taxes, fees and fines.

CONAC in its findings noted that several illegal practices and other malpractices from those operators, also involved in repeated violations of the laws and conventions that regulate the sector.

Vietnam's Viettel is pinned for going under the trade name Nexttel locally without amendment to the concession agreement linking them to the Cameroonian State.

CONAC called for the Telecommunications Regulatory Agency (ART) to be made accountable.


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