Friday, February fourteenth, the   UN says at least 22 people have been killed in a village in the Northwest region of Cameroon. Over half of those killed were children. No one has claimed responsibility for Friday’s incident but the opposition parties blame the killing on the government.

Biya’s New Year Wishes Ceremony without Nfon Mukete

Cameroon Journal, Yaounde – It is emerging that Nfon V.E. Mukete, Senator and Paramount Ruler of the Bafaws, may have been systematically prevented from participating in the annual New Year wishes ceremony held at the Unity Palace for President Biya on Tuesday January 5, as pay back to his recent advocacy against Anglophones marginalization in Cameroon.

The Cameroon Journal gathered from a source at Nfon’s palace in Kumba that a courier mail agent did not deliver Senator Mukete’s invitation for the event – not until the same morning – less than two hours to the event which began at 10am. The source noted that it was practically impossible for the chief to make it to Yaounde from Kumba, even by space craft.

The courier agent told our palace source that they were by no means responsible for the late delivery. He said that the mail was delivered in due time; from the time it was deposited at their agency in Yaounde, suggesting that the senders should be blamed for not effecting the transfer in good time.

Some Bafaw elites have been quick to submit that the delay was a calculated maneuver to prevent Nfon Mukete from meeting Biya face-to-face. Though they did not immediately point accusing fingers at anyone, they said that the perpetrators might have carried out the scheme with the intention to frustrate the vocal statesman from may be using such an opportunity to briefly speak to Biya about the Anglophone problem.
“If I am Nfon Mukete, I will write to Biya and explain to him what happened and urge him to unmask the plotter(s),” one of the elite who elected anonymity told The Cameroon Journal.


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